Why it is better to acquire Hyundai spare parts from an authorized partner company

Why it is better to acquire Hyundai spare parts from an authorized partner company.

Supply of components for vehicle repair and modernization – today, fortunately, is not so difficult as ten or fifteen years ago. However, the well-known brand is, the more likely accidentally to buy fake. Therefore, you should acquire Hyundai parts exclusively in companies that are well proven in the market and do not give reason to doubt his honesty.

Hyundai spare parts

Why we should trust the official partners

It is necessary to have a formal contract with the plant to deliver its authentic products. The company, representing the company’s interests, cooperate with it on mutually beneficial terms, because it does not just make money, but it helps the plant engineers and buyers to find each other, despite the great distance.

Unfortunately, even in Kiev, not every proposal for the sale of parts and accessories for Hyundai are made by real partners of the South Korean group. Sometimes it is honestly point out in the ads that it is a “compatible” parts, which are issued by outside firms, but because their use does not give any guarantees. Sometimes buyers are openly cheated, offering counterfeit products. However, those people don’t come across the trick who have paid at least a little of attention to learn information on the motor show, view reviews and so on.

How does it work: computerized gearbox

How does it work: computerized gearbox.

One of the areas of the development of mechanical vehicles has led to the development of the computerized gearbox by the designers and engineers. It is a device, allowing changing the car’s speed not by the driver, but by the “robot”, run by the electronics. Today the computerized gearbox is the most progressive kind of transmission, installed on the modern vehicles. The computerized gearbox of the vehicle supposes of two clutch systems. Such “robots” are called pre-selective gearboxes. The working principle of such vehicles consists in the distribution of odd and even stages in different shafts, i.e., primary and secondary. In this case, the gear shifting is managed by a special adhesion block.

computerized gearbox

Such computerized gearbox, or rather its mechanism, is prepared to the gear-change in advance (that’s why it is called “pre-selective”, preventing the choice). Thanks to this, the direct shifting of stages is made without the termination of stopping of spinning moment from the engine to the wheels and without switching of the gearbox.