What is the viscosity of the oil?

The main task of auto oil is to prevent dry friction of moving engine internal parts, as well as to ensure minimum friction with maximum leakage of working cylinders.
The most important parameters of auto oil is its viscosity.

oil car

In simple language, understandable for motorist, you can say this: the viscosity of the oil is its ability to remain on the surface of the internal parts of the motor and still maintain fluidity. It seems to be not hard? But just oil viscosity varies most often depending on the temperature, was a “variable” value?

For this reason, the American Association of Automotive Engineers (SAE) a classification of motor oil viscosity is developed, which describes the viscosity of a auto oil at different operating temperatures. In fact, this classification gives the temperature range in which the engine operation is safe, provided that the manufacturer of the motor admitted to use in this engine oil with such parameters.

Replacing the engine oil Periodicity

Each car has its own terms of service connected with the replacement of engine oil. They are specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation to the car.

Although, in spite of these figures, in the range of motorists for a long time there is an accepted view that changing the engine oil and filter must be after 5-7 thousand kilometers. However, in fact, and in another case, this approach is completely unacceptable.

Replacing the engine oil

The first thing you need to pay special attention to – influencing factors on the car:

  • mode of operation of the vehicle;
  • driving style of car owner;
  • the quality of the filling lubricant and installed oil filter;
  • the age of the power unit;
  • road conditions which the car is used in.

The above figures greatly reduce the suitability of oil for a period of operation. Another point, which is also very much influence on the duration of the suitability of oil is a way of its replacement.

The oil for automatic transmission: functions, kinds, replacement

Automatic gearbox is one of the most loaded, but at the same time the most expensive in repair car components. But, having accustomed to the comfort of use, many motorists just forget, that automatic transmission, as well as the other car parts, requires the compliance of to certain rules of operation and maintenance.

oil for automatic transmission

Despite its durability and robustness, the automatic gearbox can both break down and easily serve the same time as the car itself. So that you don´t have to repair it too soon, you should follow the rules operation rules and do the maintenance.

As any car liquid, automatic gearbox oil has certain strictly regulated technical parameters, providing optimum service conditions of gearbox. In our time, there are two technical standards, used for the oil classification. These are the classifications of companies General Motors and Ford, used in the work of the car manufacturers, giving advises on the choice of the transmission fluids, and the producers of oil.

Why it is better to acquire Hyundai spare parts from an authorized partner company

Why it is better to acquire Hyundai spare parts from an authorized partner company.

Supply of components for vehicle repair and modernization – today, fortunately, is not so difficult as ten or fifteen years ago. However, the well-known brand is, the more likely accidentally to buy fake. Therefore, you should acquire Hyundai parts exclusively in companies that are well proven in the market and do not give reason to doubt his honesty.

Hyundai spare parts

Why we should trust the official partners

It is necessary to have a formal contract with the plant to deliver its authentic products. The company, representing the company’s interests, cooperate with it on mutually beneficial terms, because it does not just make money, but it helps the plant engineers and buyers to find each other, despite the great distance.

Unfortunately, even in Kiev, not every proposal for the sale of parts and accessories for Hyundai are made by real partners of the South Korean group. Sometimes it is honestly point out in the ads that it is a “compatible” parts, which are issued by outside firms, but because their use does not give any guarantees. Sometimes buyers are openly cheated, offering counterfeit products. However, those people don’t come across the trick who have paid at least a little of attention to learn information on the motor show, view reviews and so on.

How does it work: computerized gearbox

How does it work: computerized gearbox.

One of the areas of the development of mechanical vehicles has led to the development of the computerized gearbox by the designers and engineers. It is a device, allowing changing the car’s speed not by the driver, but by the “robot”, run by the electronics. Today the computerized gearbox is the most progressive kind of transmission, installed on the modern vehicles. The computerized gearbox of the vehicle supposes of two clutch systems. Such “robots” are called pre-selective gearboxes. The working principle of such vehicles consists in the distribution of odd and even stages in different shafts, i.e., primary and secondary. In this case, the gear shifting is managed by a special adhesion block.

computerized gearbox

Such computerized gearbox, or rather its mechanism, is prepared to the gear-change in advance (that’s why it is called “pre-selective”, preventing the choice). Thanks to this, the direct shifting of stages is made without the termination of stopping of spinning moment from the engine to the wheels and without switching of the gearbox.